Fix Yahoo Mail Problems with Outlook

Outlook is considered as one of the advanced emailing application that makes to have complete software just at one point with Outlook. Like the other emails Yahoo can also added with Outlook and same as the other email software, Yahoo may also fall in trouble with Outlook. There are many type of issues that user may face while using Yahoo with Outlook. Anyway, you need not be stressed because issues are common so solutions are also common. Here, with this article you will come to know about some the Yahoo issues with Outlook and solutions. So, let’s go through the Yahoo issues and solutions with outlook:

1. Yahoo configuration issues with Outlook

Many users find trouble in making configuration of their Yahoo account, due to which they become unable to have access of their Yahoo account in Outlook. Here, you should have an expert assistance so that you can have an error-free configuration of yahoo email account with Outlook.

2. POP client sending and receiving issue

POP client need varied things to align them in a perfect manner in order to have functioning with email account. So, go through the steps as shown below:

• Check whether your Yahoo account work outside POP client or not

For doing this, you first need to open web browser and then need to login to your Yahoo mail account. Now create new email and add your own email address. Send email and wait for 5 minutes to check whether email returns back or not.

• Make the verification that you have right POP

Check the settings in your POP and make the verification of match in Yahoo mail POP settings. If you need help, then you can contact client manufacturer.

• Make sure that ports are not blocked

Firewalls and antivirus have ability to block ports. If any of your ports are blocked then pop-up clients cannot connect with your service.

3. IMAP problem

Due to IMAP issue, user becomes unable to send or view yahoo mail from an email program or mobile device. IMAP connection issues can be fixed with a proper setting direction. You also need to check the settings for incoming and outgoing mail server.

By going through these above procedure, you can easily fix the mail problem of Yahoo with Outlook. However, if you need more help then you can connect with the best Yahoo customer care service and technical support team to have perfect resolution.


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