How to have Yahoo Messenger on Android Phone?

There are a large number of users all across the world who utilizes Yahoo as their significant email services. And, due to this they want to have an easy accessibility of their Yahoo account so that they can easily receive and give an instant reply of their email with no hassle. So, most of the users like to have Yahoo mail app or messenger on their Android phone so that they can easily have access to their email.

However, with the fastest growth of technology of Android phone users many times become unable to understand the way of connecting Yahoo messenger on their android phone due to which they become unable to have an access to their email through Yahoo messenger. Anyway, if you have bought new device and finding trouble in connecting Yahoo messenger on your android phone, then just follow the steps shown in this blog:

Steps to Connect Yahoo Messenger on Android Phone:

• First, make login to your Yahoo account and check your email.
• Now, make a click on the “Home icon” just given at the bottom of the screen. You will find this icon in the shape of home.
• Now, open the Android Market. Anyway, if you have market app just given on your home screen, then you can just click on it. If you don’t find this option, then you can click on the “App” button just shown on the right corner of your screen.
• Now, in the alphabetized list you can click on the Market.
• Click on the “Search button” just shown on the top of the screen.
• Just type “Yahoo Messenger” and then click on the search button.
• Click on Yahoo Messenger.
• Now, click on button shown as “Free” and then click on agree to have the permission to download app.
• After complete downloading, app is automatic going to get installed.
• You can access this app from the list of app having access with home screen.
• After opening the app of Yahoo messenger, you need to enter Yahoo email and password.

After going through these steps, you are easily going to have connection for your Yahoo messenger with your Android Phones. However, if you need more help for Yahoo messenger, then you can dial a Yahoo customer service number. With this number you are going to receive reliable and trustworthy help for all Yahoo issues in a very simple manner.


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